1 and 2 Loop Big Bags

big Bags

Optimal efficiency, cost- effective, easy-to-handle container for agriculture, fertilizers, seeds and other applications.

LARE’s 1- and 2-Loop FIBCs big bags are most widely used to transport bulk loads of between 1100 lbs. and 3300 lbs. They are subject to a process of rigorous quality control and in house testing and further comply with all relevant testing norms required under the UN dangerous goods standards.

Main Benefits

  • Ease of handling, self-supporting single or double point of lift
  • Superior cost-to-weight ratio of up to 20% afforded by this design, compared with 4 loop styles, typically enables transportation of 2204 lbs of products with up to 1.1 lbs less plastic packaging weight.
  • Design may be standardized enabling higher levels of automation and efficiency to be achieved during manufacturing.
  • 1 loop FIBC’s are particularly suitable for packing on the roll.
  • Proven commitment to reducing waste, energy consumption and identifying alternative proposals to encourage sustainability.

One and two loop FIBC's big bags are less complicated and more economical in comparison with the four loop FIBC's. They are produced from tubular body fabrics to obtain a higher breaking strength within the fabric.

The top lifting points are wrapped with sleeves, manufactured in different colors for ease of product identification. Colored sleeves also make the lifting points highly visible for truck operators enabling easy handling of the bags by either a hook or a fork.

The most commonly used design is normally uncoated with an open top and a PE liner inserted, although, coated designs are also available with spouted tops. Discharge spouts can also be applied, but this is specifically for the square base design only. For a manual filling application, bags are press bailed and packed on pallets; however, big bags can also be wound on rolls to be used on automatic filling stations if required.

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big bags


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