1 and 2 Loop Bags

FIBCs (big bags/bulk bags) with a conical base are specially developed for poorly flowing products. The conical shape at the bottom of the bag ensures that the bulk bag can be discharged quickly and easily. By using these bulk bags, you can sometimes prevent expensive adjustments to discharging systems.

  • Often used for very fine materials such as powders, etc.
  • Flat woven or tubular woven fabric
  • Coated or uncoated
  • With or without liner
  • Various lifting possibilities
  • Various discharging possibilities

Like any other FIBC bags, Conical bag is designed as per specific requirement in various dimension and print format.

Customization options

  • Coating Yes
  • Dust Proof Yes
  • Liner Yes
  • Printed Yes
  • Color Yes

Available In Varied

  • Shapes & Sizes

Why our PP Jumbo Bags?

  • High strength protective layer
  • High loading capacity
  • Water resistant
  • Finely weaved
  • Affordable priced

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