UN Rated Bags

1 and 2 Loop Bags

What Are UN-Approved FIBCs?

UN-approved FIBCs are designed to transport hazardous materials. These bulk bags have been tested and certified as being appropriate for carrying dry, flowing materials. These bags will feature the UN logo along with a code that provides more specific information about what the contents of the bulk bag will be. For example, solids are marked with an uppercase “S” in the code, while the code for liquid features the hydrostatic test pressure in kPA.

If your bulk bags do not feature this UN permanent marking and code, they may still be high-quality bulk bags, but they are not UN-certified bulk bags.

Bulk Bags for Hazardous Material

Companies that carry, lift or store hazardous materials need high-quality, durable bulk bags that they can rely on to hold their materials safely. As a UN FIBC supplier, LARE is the company for your business. Our hazardous material FIBCs receive UN certification because we craft them with the best possible materials this industry has to offer and with every possible safety issue in mind. We carefully craft these bags to protect you against spills, leaks and contamination with our UN-certified.

Rated bags, carrying hazardous products can be classified as group 2 (Y) or group 3 (Z) that refers to the hazard level of goods they carry. Identifying the packaging group symbolizes the hazard level of product that is, or will be carried within the unit in question.

UN Rated bags are subjected to higher criteria of testing characteristics. These criteria include a series of six different performance tests, only when these test stages have been completed, can an appropriate UN certificate be issued. The most critical test within this group is that of the one that defines whether the Rated bag belongs to packaging group 2 (Y) or group 3 (Z). This test is known as the drop test. This test involves filling the Rated bag in question to the Safety Working Load (SWL) as designated on the Safety Label of the bag, then dropping the bag from a height of between 80-120cms onto a smooth surface.

UN Rated bags have a unique coding system; the system explains the characteristics of that particular Rated bag. This coding must appear on two opposite sides of the Rated bag for clear identification. The codes are as follows,

  • 13H1: uncoated, without a liner
  • 13H2: coated, without a liner
  • 13H3: uncoated, with a liner
  • 13H4: coated, with a liner

Filing & Closure

  • Open Top with Hem
  • Tie-Down Flap
  • Duffel Top
  • Open Top & Tightening Holes
  • Open Top with Draw Cord
  • Filling Spout


  • Cross-Corner Loops
  • Side-Seam Loops
  • Sleeve Lift
  • Hood Lift
  • Ancillary Loops
  • Double Stevedore Straps
  • Single Stevedore Strap


  • Discharge Spout
  • Discharge Spout with Iris Protection
  • Discharge Spout with Petal Closure
  • Discharge Spout with Sewn Cover
  • Discharge Spout with Protection Flap
  • Full Drop Bottom

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