Baffled Bags

big bags

Baffle bulk bags are ideal if you have limited space in sea-containers or on trucks. Baffles (100% polypropylene woven fabric) keep the bulk bag square and free from bulging over the pallet.

Baffle Bags are constructed with corner baffles to maintain their cubic form once they are filled. The corner baffles are made to allow the material to flow smoothly into all the corners, yet preventing the bag from expanding in the process. Since the shape of the bag is cubic, baffle bags require less storage space and cut down the transportation costs up to 30% compared to the regular big bags. Most of soybean, corn and barley growers use baffle bags, which allows the bag to stand straight.

The baffles are sewn into a four-panel bag diagonally in each corner, which allows the material to flow through into the corners while maintaining the bag’s integrity. This keeps the bag upright and in perfect square form. They are truly versatile packing and storing solutions. The baffle panels have efficient openings (ports) along the vertical length of the baffle panels. The openings (ports) can be made either round, oval, square, diamond and triangular in shape.

Cone bottom can be designed into the bag easily, according to requirement. The versatile bags offer higher efficiency in shipping and container storage.

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