Our bulk bags (FIBC) come in a wide range of filling, discharging and handling options, customized to meet your specific needs. With vast experience in manufacturing bags, our knowledgeable manufacturing staff is available to assist you with any feature or specific design that you may require for your custom bags.

Because we are a manufacturer with factory in rural India, we are among the few companies that can make custom bulk bags even in small quantities in as little as 2 weeks. With headquarters in Dallas, USA, we provide complete confidence in your bag supply chain. We manufacture baffled (stackable), ventilated, anti-sift, printed, UN certified and anti-static bags for a wide range of applications. If you need bags with custom print, we can work with you to create the perfect solution to brand your product/company.

There are many common types of FIBCs available in the market place. The most commonly used bulk bags are constructed as either a U-panel or circular construction. We offer a variety of constructions such as:

  • U-panel
  • Circular/Tubular
  • Baffle
  • Four Panel

FIBCs are also constructed based on their application such as food grade, UN rated bags and multi-trip bags. Each bag has a specific fabric required due to their application. Some bags require antistatic qualities too.

  • Type A Fabric - No electrostatic protection
  • Type B Fabric - Surface breakdown of < 6kV
  • Type C Fabric - Electrically conductive or groundable
  • Type D Fabric (Crohmiq) - Static dissipative

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